Jonathan Matlock

Christmas Still Backgrounds

I created a few watercolor based backgrounds that are available on Shift Worship offers churches unlimited media for $149/yr. They are a client of my company, Rocket Park, but I occasionally contribute backgrounds too. Here are a couple of examples from the recent batch:

Christmas Backgrounds

Watercolor Nativity

Flower Girl

Here is my first sketch with watercolor using my new Wacom Intuos4. I can tell I'm going to like this tool. I used Coral Painter Sketch Pad to sketch this particular drawing.

Flower Girl

Scott and Ramona

This isn't an original sketch. I borrowed the characters and pose from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim Vol.6. I drew it, but yeah...

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona


Was wanting to update the cartoon me so I could have something a little more fun in time for Halloween. I revamped my original sketch to have a full moon...awooo....


Alien Drawing

Experimenting with scanning in my doodles and then painting them in photoshop. Here is one of my early tests of an alien in front of a moon. I don’t doodle aliens much. To paint this picture I used some Photoshop brushes. I’ll continue to post more of my doodles once I get around to scanning them.


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